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Everything you need to start as a L’OCCI Consultant – only $49!

⦁ Personal MyL’OCCITANE Website
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⦁ Full Access to L’OCCI Learn – your training platform
⦁ Business Kit with 25 samples
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L’Occitane represents so much more than premium multi-sensorial beauty products and wellbeing experiences. When you become a part of our community, either through becoming a customer or enrolling as a Consultant, you are joining hands with a diverse group of people respectfully committed to one another, to nature and to our world.

We have a 45-year entrepreneurial heritage that impacts lives and cultivates change in real and tangible ways. From biodiverse ingredient sourcing to our braille packaging for the visually impaired to our support of more than 40,000 women entrepreneurs in Burkina Faso, we are committed to the impact each of us can make in the world.

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We provide you with a simple pathway to lead your own business the way you choose to, with the full support of a successful global brand. Together, we’ll focus on impactful beauty & wellbeing, meeting you where you are and providing you with the entrepreneurship opportunity to achieve your full potential, all while helping yourself & others fully embrace their natural beauty and self-care.

Our L’Occi Home Team is dedicated to equipping you will all the support you will need at every step of your journey. Get started today with Impact 90, our success formula for your first 90 days in business.

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Be a cultivator of change. Become a L’Occi Consultant

Join an inclusive and eco-conscious community on an extraordinary mission to empower people to bring impactful beauty to the world.

Inclusively Diverse: We embody an inclusive culture by leveraging diversity at all levels of our organization.
Eco Conscious: We believe that every one of us has a daily responsibility to protect and preserve our planet.
Empowering: Real success is when every person has an opportunity to reach their full potential, at their own pace and in their own way.
Authentic: We not only believe in authenticity but act and embody it in everything that we say and do in a simple and responsible way.